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Nubian textiles

Craft, trade, costume and identity of the medieval kingdom of Makuria


“Archaeological textiles: from excavation to storeroom”

This workshop was initially planned within the frame of the exhibition Hidden Textile Treasures in the collections of the Sudan National Museum”. Organisers: Magdalena M. Wozniak, archaeologist, and Barbara Czaja, archaeologist and textile conservator.

The workshop is planned for two sessions. A first part, theoretical, will consist of a series of short presentations:

  • The rich textile heritage of Sudanese Archaeology – why should we care?
  • How it should be preserved? A general introduction about textile conservation.
  • From an ideal perspective to the real work environment – how to improve the preservation of archaeological textiles in field conditions?

The second session will consist of practical training in the safe storage of archaeological textiles in the Sudan National Museum’s storerooms.


Sadly, the workshops planned along the exhibition could not have taken place.

Due to the unstable political situation in Sudan since June 2019, the NCAM lacks governmental support, and the material and financial situation of the Corporation is very fragile. The Sudan National Museum received recently a donation from the Italian government, secured by UNESCO, and the staff was then strongly engaged with the fulfillment of all the procedures in order to get the funding. During our stay in the second half of October, many colleagues attended workshops with UNESCO representatives. Also, frequent electricity cuts, rains, and deficient public transportation in Khartoum made circulation difficult and during our stay, we saw that the museum administration must deal with reduced staff. We also experienced some difficulties to work smoothly when mounting the showcases or printing the exhibition panels.

However, the NCAM Director, Dr. Abdelrahman Ali Mohammed, expressed his wish to pursue our collaboration in the near future with the hope that the political situation in Sudan will stabilize in the forthcoming months. The fact that no archaeological project was suspended this season seems, for now, a very positive indicator.


National Science Centre, Poland - “POLONEZ” funding scheme n° 2015/19/P/HS3/02100
Project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 665778