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Nubian textiles

Craft, trade, costume and identity of the medieval kingdom of Makuria



1. Yvanez E., Wozniak M.M., « Cotton in ancient Sudan and Nubia », Revue d’ethnoécologie [En ligne], 15 | 2019, mis en ligne le 30 juin 2019 DOI :

Submitted (peer-review process): 

  1. Wozniak M.M., Czaja B., “Contribution to the study of the textiles from Meinarti (Medieval Nubia)” (submitted to Archaeological Textile Review).
  2. Wozniak M.M., Yvanez E., “Changing textiles, shifting identities? Costume and political allegiance in Late Antic Nubia” (submitted to “Outward Appearance vs. Inward Significance: Addressing Identities through Attire in the Ancient World in Hallman A. (ed.), Outward Appearance vs.  Inward Significance: Addressing Identities through Attire in the Ancient World, Oriental  Institute Series 15. Chicago, Oriental Institute).

In preparation:

  1. Wozniak M.M., Witkowski B., Ganeczko M., Gierczak T., Biesaga M.; ” Textile dyeing in medieval Sudan evidenced by HPLC-MS analyses: material traces of a disappeared activity” (to be submitted to Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports)
  2. Wozniak M.M., Belka Z., “Strontium isotope analyses and textile studies: a new path for research on economy and trade of ancient and medieval Sudan” (working title, to be submitted to Azania. Archaeological Research in Africa).
  3. Wozniak M.M., Seignobos R., “Textiles in economy and social practices of medieval Sudan” (working title)
  4. Wozniak M.M., Stanaszek M., “Textiles from the 4th Cataract area: contribution to the study of textile production and funerary practices in Late Antique and Medieval Sudan” (working title, to be submitted to Journal of African Archaeology).
  5. van Gerven V. W.J., Łajtar A. and Woźniak M., “An Inscribed Burial Shroud from Gebel Adda (Lower Nubia) in the Royal Ontario Museum” (working title)
  6. Wozniak M.M. (ed), Yvanez E., Czaja B., Decker A.-M., Hidden Textile Treasures in the collections of the Sudan National Museum, exhibition catalogue.
  7. Decker A.M., Wozniak M.M., “A pair of socks from Semna South (Lower Nubia)” (working title).
  8. Wozniak M.M., Czaja B., Innemée K., “A priest’s stole from Gebel Adda ?” (working title).


Short note about “Dammur cloth from Sudan” (2018) on-line on the Textile Research Centre’s page.

National Science Centre, Poland - “POLONEZ” funding scheme n° 2015/19/P/HS3/02100
Project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 665778